Who we are

eirobotix is an innovative UAV service & solution provider with the experience, knowledge, capability, ingenuity and drive to offer operational solutions and consultant advice to meet unique industry challenges.

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Award winning

eirobotix part of winning team in NASA SpaceApps Challenge (2016), Melbourne.

Award winning

eirobotix part of winning team in NASA SpaceApps Challenge (2016), Melbourne.

What We Do

  • Heavy Lifting Multirotor Platforms (Payload up to 30kg)

  • Hybrid petrol ICE Multirotor powertrains for extreme endurance (over 4hrs)

  • VTOL UAV platforms, electric & hybrid powertrains (up to 50kg MTOW)

  • Tether solutions for extreme persistence (>30 days / 1 month)

  • Surveying platforms for high end sensors in industrial use (LiDAR, Photogrammetry, NVDI, Thermal Imaging)

We offer custom solutions via bespoke system platforms & payload suites to suit unique client requirements. We offer next generation cutting edge services that are not available via other providers with heavy lifting and ultra long endurance solutions being our core strength. Our operations can be manual or autonomous, pre-planned or adjusted in real time – the sky is literally the limit.

Consultant advice for UAV solutions across engineering, construction, agriculture, mining and civil industry

CASA Licensed and Certified for Multirotor, Aeroplane and VTOL Powered Lift aircraft  (RePL & ReOC)

Qualified to operate very large UAVs up to 150kg MTOW

Bespoke aircraft made to order to Client's brief and requirements

Multirotor very heavy payloads up to 75kg for 10mins flight operation

Multirotor <5kg payloads with long endurance of up to 30mins flight

Multirotor <2kg payloads with long endurance of up to 45mins flight

VTOL hybrid fixed wing aeroplane with 2-4hr endurance, 100-200km flight range

ICE Hybrid Generator Multirotor <2kg payloads with ultra long endurance of up to 5hrs flight

Crop spraying multirotor aircraft with 23 litre spray capacity per flight

Aerial lighting solutions with 20,000 lumen wide area floodlight / high powered focused spotlight

Tethered drone operations with near limitless 'up time'

Bespoke payload configuration including independent power, control and vibration isolation solutions

Gyroscopically Stabilised HD Video, 30x Optical Zoom, Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, Multispectral and LIDAR solutions

Very high redundancy levels on critical components

Full Manual, Semi-Autonomous & Autonomous Missions

Real-time video and telemetry feedback up to 5km VLOS (Visible Line of Sight)

CASA Certified for Night Operations and Inclement Weather

Full 'Aviation Grade' UAV Insurance through QBE with PI/PL coverage

Training packages available for specialised aircraft and/or operation

Robotic ground rovers, boats and even submarine craft also available



eirobotix products in action

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Contact US


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